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One of the things I know firsthand when it comes to the UFO community is how hard it can be to speak out about an experience you have had, whether this be a sighting or something more dramatic. The implications of experiencing something that we cannot explain can sometimes weigh heavily and we do not want to feel like we are being ridiculed, when we need to feel supported.

This is why as part of the PENTYRCH INCIDENT project I have created a witness safe space where you can come forward in confidence and tell your story and we will help and support you wherever we can.

The form below is designed so that you can come forward offering as much or as little personal information as possible. Obviously it is easier the more information you provide but this will allow us to have a chat and decide the best way forward. We are in contact with fellow contactees and witnesses who have been where you are and can offer their support to you if needed.

So if you want to get the ball rolling, please feel free to fill out the form below and we will be in touch as soon as we can.


Due to technical limitations we cannot accept evidence submissions through the website however there are ways in which you can submit this when contact is made, Unless you have a link to a pre existing upload such as a YouTube video.

It is helpful if you can provide as much evidence about the sighting / experience as possible so that we can investigate and validate what you saw. So details surrounding the location, date, time of the sighting are important, also as much information as possible as to where you were when the experience happened such as in which direction did the object go. What was the weather like? This sort of thing helps a great deal. Also pictures / videos are very useful but as we said we can arrange to look at these on request of so needed.


We are always on the lookout for supporting evidence surrounding the Pentyrch incident itself so if you have any information surrounding the events of February 26th 2016 or events in the Pentyrch / Llantrisant / Cardiff area around that date we would be very interested in hearing from you.

We are also interested in witness submissions for any other UFO sightings in South Wales over the past few years.


In line with our mission statement in line with phase 2 of the investigation as outlined here, if you are able to help with the investigation in some professional capacity then please also use the form below to get in touch with us.

Thanks again for your interest in THE PENTYRCH INCIDENT, We appreciate your bravery in coming forward and very much look forward to speaking with you.

The Pentyrch Team

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