In this section of the website, I aim to outline some of the key points surrounding the initial sightings of the Pentyrch UFO case, which took place on the 26th of February 2016, what happened, why I felt I had to speak out, the evidence that has been collated and the questions that still need to be answered. Some of this information is taken from the Pentyrch Incident Book which features hundreds of pages worth of detail, photographs and diagrams outlining the case in detail, as there is far too much information to post here. What we hope to achieve within this section of the site is to give you an overview of the pentyrch UFO case and basic understanding of the case and why I feel it is so important.


Taken from the Book THE PENTYRCH INCIDENT by CAZ CLARKE, which is available here.

I threw another log into the fire pit and watched the sparks from the red-hot ashes drift up into the air.  I did not know how much longer I could cope standing outside it was getting late, and the conversation had seemingly exhausted itself.  Donna had disappeared once more into the kitchen, but this time, she did not come out again. I was tired and my face was numb with the cold, and I was beginning to lose the sensation in my legs.  I stomped my feet up and down trying to get the blood to circulate around my body, but, genuinely, I felt like I was starting to seize up. It was 2am already. “I think I am going to call it a night Dave it is too cold” I said and gingerly started to walk back towards my house.  But just as I was about to go back inside, and on the verge of reaching my back door, I heard what I can only describe as the sound of a missile approaching! I ran back to the fire-pit, and looked up, and saw a huge plane.  It was flying at around 2000 feet and flew straight passed us and banked to the left.  

The moon was just ebbing from full that night, and as the plane banked, I could see a mushroom shaped object on the back of it.  David exclaimed “That’s an E3 Sentry plane!”  I had no idea what that meant but things were changing, and the short jog back to the end of my garden quickly restored some of the sensation to my legs. David was quite excited by the sight of the E3, so I decided to stay a little longer.  I watched as the huge E3 plane (NATO 02 E3A LX-N90454) circled around us, and I counted as it went around.   

It seemed to only take a few minutes for the E3 Sentry to circle around once. David said, he thought perhaps it was taxiing for the airport, but I could not see why a military aeroplane of that size would land at Cardiff International Airport, a civilian airport.   We witnessed the plane circle seven times, then as the E3 circled again, suddenly I shouted “There!”  and pointed to a single bright red light, that appeared high above the fields behind us.  I called for Donna but I did not receive an answer, my heart was pumping with excitement “Come on Dave” I shouted, “Where are you going?” he asked, “To the field so we can see what’s going on!”  David and I straddled the small wire fence at the end of my garden and ran to the five-bar gate that over-looks the farmland behind my house, to get an unobstructed view.


David ran into the field, but I immediately called him back. I did not mind watching but from a safe distance. If the military were not there, I probably would have gone closer, but with the amount of military activity all around us, I did not want David and I being identified as potentially hostile personnel to the UFO, by approaching at speed and in the darkness. I could not believe what I was seeing. I watched in amazement and stood in shock and awe of what I was witnessing.  One red light turned into three in a triangle shaped formation and then more red lights emerged. On the leading right-hand edge six more bright red lights with smaller red lights in between them became visible.  

More lights on the left of it appeared, this was a pyramid! A full-sized pyramid! It came in point first from somewhere else! This had not come down from outer space, this had emerged through the space, like it came through a black veil. Magnificent and Majestic, silently, it slowly emerged before us. Like a giant building leaning in from somewhere else, and the military were waiting for it. We both stood in silence watching. The pyramid was turning very slowly anti clockwise and as it did, it swung down like a pendulum until it had righted itself in front of us.  It had red lights all around its perimeter and in between the bright red lights appeared to be smaller dimmer red lights. This was happening approximately 200 yards away and hovered silently just above the tree line that bordered the next field. Suddenly the pyramid fired a tremendously bright green object out of the top like it had been fired from a cannon exceptionally fast.  

The bright green object moved to my left above a small thicket of trees and stopped. It was only a couple of hundred feet up and approximately 100 feet away. It just stayed there gently swaying from side to side, and seemed to be surveying everything around it, including us. I cannot tell you what shape it was because it was too bright, and it actually hurt my eyes to look at it, and resembled a bright green star.   

The E3 sentry plane was still above us flying in an oval flight pattern watching.  The pyramid started to move slowly backwards still turning anti clockwise and as it did, it tilted slightly to the right. I stood on the five-bar gate to get a better view through the bare trees “Its landing its landing!” I exclaimed.  

However, the truth was it was not landing. The field rises to the north, in this area, as it is the foot of the Garth Mountain, so the land was coming up to meet it. I was fixated on it touching the ground I could not take my eyes away from it, moments before it was about to touch the ground, it ejected a fire-coloured hand of lightening, as if to prevent itself from touching the ground, but it was not thin lightening like we have here, this was thick like fire-coloured fingers, as this occurred the whole ship lit up extremely brightly. The corner lights on the right-hand side of the pyramid changed colour from taillight red to bright white-orange.  

Artist rendering of the Pentyrch UFO case

The lights closest to the ground were the brightest of them all, so bright that around the brightest lights, they illuminated parts of the sides of the pyramid and revealed it was a solid craft, as if it were made of stone. The red lights on the right-hand side of the pyramid were still brighter than the other red lights, as if somehow, they were the steering mechanism for the craft and slowly but surely it moved backwards away from us.  David was mesmerized staring at the top of the pyramid “Can you see them” he said Fifteen or twenty “orbs” come out of the top of the pyramid that seemed to be dancing and mingling with each other, red and green ones.  I did not see them because I was so fixated with the pyramid touching the ground. But this is what he says in his statement, 

“It just paused for a second planes still circling overhead then about 15/20 red orbs all came from it as if they were floating around it protecting it intermingling with each other some started to turn green whilst others stayed red the large craft started to slowly move west without gaining any height as it drifted away slowly it turned to darkness and the lights went off.  The orbs remained some also went to darkness and invisible to the naked eye”. 

Caz Clarke

The bright green object was still above the trees to my left, gently swaying from side to side when I heard the military planes coming overhead very loud indeed. I looked up just for a moment, as they went over my head two C17’s (C17A 07-7176 and C17A 96-0002) American planes with two engines on each wing flying wing tip to wing tip and when I looked back, I could not see the pyramid anymore.   

I do not know if it was still there or if it had switched its lights off or if indeed it went back the way it had come, because this craft did not come down from outer space, this craft emerged in the space into our dimension, and the military were waiting for it.   

I heard two more planes coming two big Hercules aeroplanes (C130 ZH885 and ZH875) with two propeller engines on each wing, they came from my left-hand side turned and went back behind the two c17s and took up the outside wide positions. Between the four aircraft, they took up the entire width of visible airspace heading directly towards where the pyramid was last seen. The green object now moved in a straight line, extremely quickly, over and in front of the four planes and flashed three extremely bright green strobes at them and seemed to get quite excited that the military aircraft had started following it.   

Nothing grows right in this area anymore, and people who come here feel strange.
Nothing grows right in this area anymore, and people who come here feel strange.

I said aloud “No, don’t go with them!” It skipped away westward towards Llantrisant bouncing left and right like Tigger out of the Winnie the Pooh stories, and I am also sure that at the speed it could travel, it could have easily out run the planes if it wanted to, it was almost as if it were deliberately drawing the planes away from the main craft and the load it had jettisoned, and in my humble opinion acted like a deliberate decoy. 

I watched the bright green object skipping away westward in front of the planes, and all four aircraft were bathed in green light, I could see the outline of all the wings, engines and fuselages, as it disappeared into the distance, it was like the scene straight out of a movie.   

The e3 sentry was still above us flying westward to eastward in an oval flight pattern.   

Just then two red barrel shaped objects appeared from out of the darkness from my right-hand side, they were about the size of a smart car.  There was no noise no downdraft no nothing from these craft.  David and I stood in silence completely dumbstruck at what we were witnessing.  One of the barrel objects stopped above the hedge to my left about thirty feet away and about twenty feet up and I stared at it just for a few seconds because I wanted the details, I wanted to see…To be completely honest, after what I had just witnessed, I was a little disappointed there were no additional details or markings on them.  I strained my eyes trying to capture every single detail. 

The barrels were capped on the top and the bottom with black caps of some kind, the sides were completely smooth like they were made of glass, but I do not know that because I did not touch them, and the insides were moving like white noise on a tv screen swirling and turning in on themselves like a cake mix on a red background.  

I looked to see where the other one had gone and that had not stopped and was right above me, it was too late to do anything or to go anywhere. I was still standing on the gate and the only thing I could think of to do was wave, that had to be the universal signal for hello and I do not mean you any harm.  The barrel above me stopped, only for a few seconds before it changed colour from taillight red to traffic light green, and I felt it touch me. 

It felt like a giant hand had reached in and took my fear away, I felt elated like I had been touched by something almost euphoric.  It was only now, at this point, I said to David “Film it film it” and at no time before this had it even occurred to me to do that. I was in such shock and awe of what I was witnessing and still not believing what I was seeing, my cognitive function just ceased.  I did not want to take my eyes away from it for a single second, I wanted to capture every moment I could. I was not afraid; it was almost as if we were connected on a spiritual level.  As it scanned me, I felt loved… 

I took off my glove unzipped my pocket and took out my phone the battery was completely flat, and I know it was fully charged before I went out that evening. David too was busily hitting his phone saying, “piece of shit why won’t it work” I looked up again the green barrel was still there, and I could see even clearer the insides moving, like it was alive, a living thing encapsulated but conscious and intelligent and completely BENIGN, and I heard a man’s voice say, “Tell the world what you witnessed here” and I replied “I will…” 

It was only now the red barrel that had remained sentry the whole time started to move away to my left-hand side low across the fields, and the now green barrel started to move to my right-hand side above the roof tops of the houses completely silently. I watched them both until I could not see them anymore.   

David wanted to go to the field where the pyramid had jettisoned the smaller craft, because there had been other red coloured objects hovering there earlier. He wanted to see if there were any more barrels. He said he saw fifteen or twenty of them so we started to walk down to the second field. The E3 sentry plane still above, followed us. The ground was so uneven and slippery it was dangerous, and we did not have a torch between us. Even with practically a full moon, in the shadow of the hedgerows and trees that ran alongside the trail, it was pitch black. I stood by the style next to the gate that is the entrance to the second field, I desperately scanned the area, but there was nothing there to see. Disappointed, together we walked back to the gate where we had observed the nights activities.  

Artist impression of green barrel witnessed during the Pentyrch UFO Case.

In the distance, we could hear some helicopters coming.  When we looked through the gap between the trees, from our elevated position, we could see three Apache helicopters flying in a pyramid formation one above two, very low across the fields.  They were moving from my left to my right with their red pulsing lights slowly flashing out in front of them. I could see all the hedges and trees being pushed flat with the force of their rota blades and they were heading directly on a course to intercept the first bright green object that had led the planes away, and all the while the E3 was above us… watching… 

After the helicopters were out of sight only the E3 sentry remained high above us. It was quite surreal, did that just happen? David and I walked back to my house and the E3 sentry followed us again, until we were inside.  

I was freezing. I still had my coat on. I do not think I have ever been so cold, dead cold, but when I was at the gate, I did not feel cold at all.  Donna had fallen asleep on my sofa and was startled when we came in and sat up abruptly.  She knew we had seen something she said we looked like we had seen a ghost.  I asked if she had heard me call her, and she denied hearing me, but I truly believe she heard me shout out, but was simply too afraid to come outside.  I made us all a drink of hot chocolate and walked through to the lounge.  David sat in the armchair nearest the window and I sat on the sofa next to the dishevelled Donna. I cupped my hands around the steaming mug of chocolate trying to warm my hands and began to spell out, in absolute detail, what had happened. Donna, I could see it in her eyes, it had scared her and after drinking her chocolate hastily left to go home. David and I were the complete polar opposites to each other, I was energised almost frantically so, and David was completely petrified, and still in a state of shock and disbelief, sat staring blankly into the abyss.   After thawing out for a short while David finished his drink and returned home.  I sat for a while in silence just thinking about what had happened.  It was late and I knew I had to go to bed, but I did not feel tired, my mind racing at a 100 miles per hour, but I knew I must try and so I went to my bed.  I could not sleep and I tossed and turned when there was an enormous explosion that came from the direction of Llantrisant west of here about five miles away KABOOM! I knew in my heart they had shot the green object down and later I would find the impact site because now I wanted to know the whole truth. 

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