THE PENTYRCH INCIDENT – The Investigation.

After the explosion, I needed to know what happened, we had seen that the disturbance and military presence had been reported in the local and national media, and this seemed to point at Llantrisant common so out of curiosity decided to go to the area and take a look, Locals informed us that they believed the explosion come from Smilog woods.

We headed into the woodland area, following the trajectory of the craft and found something very strange. Vast areas of the woodland looked as if something had indeed exploded in the area.

It would take 18 months to reconcile what I saw, and over time I would experience more sightings along with some odd encounters with people who believed to be interested in what I saw yet felt threatening in their approach. The implications of what I saw weighed heavily on me and I knew that people had to know the truth.

If I was going to speak out, I needed to be credible.

Caz Clarke

Therefore I arranged to have a polygraph test so I could show people I was not making this up. I genuinely saw what I saw, experienced what I experienced. I booked my test at local PI Investigators one of the top companies in the country used by business and government, and was tested 3 times using the Lafyette 5000. The tests were all classed as “Truthful with no deception indicated.

Soon after I was contacted by Gari Jones, a local UFO investigator who was sceptical about the case at first but willing to actively pursue an investigation. It has been several years now since we began that journey and the evidence we have gathered (such as radiation and EMF testing at the sites. Flight radar evidence, FOI request responses which proved inconsistent) is mounting.

There ware actually two explosions, one over Llantrisant common and one in Smilog woods which shook residents in the surrounding area, who complained the following day to authorities and the local media. Including patients and staff at the local royal Glamorgan hospital.

This was reported, soon after to be part of an MOD exercise called Project Chameleon, which used only simulated combat. However residents spotted Military personnel around the areas of Llantrisant, Smilog and Pentyrch before and after the 26th of February 2016.

We also have Seismographic evidence that an explosion did take place in Smilog woods. Since that date the effected trees have been removed due to felling, The explanation we were given was that the trees had become infected with Larch disease and needed to be removed to protect the surrounding woodland, however this is not consistent with the evidence found at the site, and we can confirm that the trees in that area were healthy before the 26th of February 2016.

You can take a more in depth look at some of the evidence we have gathered throughout our investigation by checking out the video and blog sections of this site, for some of our interviews and presentations or you can examine our findings in more detail by taking a look at the Pentyrch Incident book which is the sum total of our findings so far and on sale now from Amazon.


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