What I saw was real, and it changed my world, and the implications of this incident happening in a small South Wales sleepy town are profound, not just for myself, but for all of us. In the Pentyrch Incident book, I wrote this in summary.

  • 100’s of people called the police on that fateful night to complain about the helicopters hovering over their homes. 
  • Multiple witnesses complained about the aircraft noise from well outside the notam area up to 50 miles away. 
  • 100’s of people heard and experienced the enormous explosions. 
  • Multiple witnesses saw the objects the military were pursuing, and some managed to gather photographic and video evidence. 
  • Several witnesses experienced the road closures that night by uniformed police and found it difficult to get home. 
  • Multiple witnesses saw and gathered radar returns for the aircraft above Pentyrch in the days preceding the event. 

These are normal people just like you and me, can they all be wrong?  People were worried for their young children who were awoken in the middle of the night by the helicopters, and others still, worried for their livestock as the chinooks made multiple trips from smilog woods.  Many people had to get up for work the next morning after having a sleepless night.  We are the people, we are not statistics or property, we are human beings and the military and the police serve us!  Something perhaps it is time we reminded them of. 

If I asked you to be a Jury member in a Court of Law, I would ask you to set aside your personal beliefs and try this case on the evidence put before you.   

  • I would remind you, the Jury, if a witness lies, you can throw out all or part of their testimony, but which part would you believe?  
  • If multiple witnesses are caught lying under Oath, it is a conspiracy to cover up the truth… 
  • No official governing body or emergency service received any prior notification. 
  • National Resources for Wales lied about why the trees were felled in smilog woods there is no plant health notice. 
  • The police lied about any knowledge of road closures that night whilst knowing which officers were involved.   
  • The Ministry of Defence have lied on several official government documents multiple times, and this is part of the public record.   
  • The MOD lied about having any knowledge of the planes over Pentyrch in the preceding days. 
  • The MOD lied about hovering low over people’s homes in the early hours. 
  • The MOD lied about exceeding the NOTAM by at least 50 miles. 
  • The MOD lied about sending a clean-up crew to the fields of Pentyrch. 
  • The MOD lied about their identity whilst in the fields of Pentyrch. 
  • The MOD lied about knowing who the people were in the fields of Pentyrch, and when checking for a second time CONFIRMED no information was held, but that was a lie too.   
  • The MOD lied about the simulated munitions causing the explosions that shook people’s homes and the hospital.   

And the answers they did give all fell within the realms of section 26 not in the public interest, Well, I believe it is very much in the public interest! All these things we can PROVE… 

I put it to you, not only have the authorities lied in this case and have covered up the truth, but the military knowingly and expectantly intercepted and engaged a huge pyramid UFO and the craft it jettisoned that were not hostile, and without trying to first establish any form of communications, pursued and fired upon it without Mercy. 

It is time for true disclosure in this country and across the world, time to at least try to correct what has been done, before it is too late for us and our children, our planet, and the entire human race. 

I ask you to be my Judge and the Jury in this case, and to seek the truth in this matter, and to find the only answer that really does make any sense at all, is, the Pentyrch UFO incident of 2016, above and beyond any reasonable doubt…was real. 

To which Gari Jones added in his summary.

  • The fire service did not know… 
  • The hospital did not know… 
  • Local government did not know… 
  • The mainstream media did not know… 
  • Residents of Pentyrch and llantrisant did not know! 

No one knew anything because this was not an exercise, this was real life and thanks to Caz Clarke who has stood tall throughout all the investigation publicly, we have been able to prove the police, the news outlets and the military have conspired to COVER-UP the truth. 

We are, not surprisingly, still awaiting some freedom of information requests from South Wales police and it took them nearly three years to answer the last one.  This time I know they cannot answer without proving they have lied, so we have asked for an internal review and await their final answer. 

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