Pentyrch UFO Incident – Enhancement Video EMF Study

This video is an enhancement video to serve as a more intricate and detailed look at the Pentyrch UFO Incident. EMF Studies or Electrical Magnetic Radiation has often been found in major UFO cases and serves as an indicator to the presence of unknown aerial craft using a means of propulsion other than fossil fuels.

This is the first in a series of videos that serves to show the investigation side in more through detail and show that what we found is more relevant now than it ever has been.

The subject is the Electrical Magnetic Radiation and EMF search/study of the areas Pentyrch Fields and Smilog Woods.

As promised it’s a very detailed and informative video, this will explain fully the importance of discovering the EMF fields in relation to the sighting and UFO sightings.

The physical & health effects on people that were suffered by many people in the investigations and those who just wished to be a part of the day’s activities, EMF exposure symptoms.

As well as looking at Magnetic and Geology surveys and more to show that the research and evidence is in, it’s consistent and correct and is more relevant now than ever before.


  1. Thank you Caz for a wonderful website. I’ve ordered the book and it is coming tomorrow.cant wait to read it.
    looking forward to meeting up in the future with everyone.

  2. Hi! The videos in the gallery don’t work on my end. Anyone else having this issue?

    • Hi Reece, thanks for you comment, yes we had to make some changes on youtube which has effected the gallery. We are working on it, and hope to get it up and running shortly – The Pentyrch Team


    WOW!! I’ve just ordered the book. I’ve been reading about this,and this website is amazing! Thank you for so much info.

  4. Thank you for your interview with Howard Hughes, it was a fantastic listen.
    It was the first I’ve ever heard of this incident even having been into the subject for over 30 years .
    I hail from mid Wales and I have had two sightings in the area during the mid to late 90s of which I could not explain
    If you would like details of these id be happy to give you details of both accounts.
    Great work Caz, I’ll be following closely


    Hi Caz, I have just read your book. It is mind blowing!
    I would like to wish you well in exposing the cover up,
    It is such a shame that the person with the video evidence
    is not prepared (yet) to share the evidence they hold and hope that
    someday they will feel that they are safe to do so. I also listened to your
    verbal interview within which you mentioned a petition. Am I too late to sign it?
    Keith , Sussex, UK.

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