Colwinston Witness Pictures COULD change everything in The Pentyrch Incident Investigation.

Before we get started with would like the credit Jonathan Davies and Emlyn Williams for the copies of these images. However Sadly we have been denied copies of the original. This means that preliminary evidence discussed in this article is pending on if/when any analysis of the original videos could be undertaken at a future date.

On the 10th of February 2020 Caz Clarke wrote on her Facebook page “These photographs were sent to me by Emlyn Williams from Swansea ufo with permission in writing to use them. They have supposedly been authenticated by Jonathan Davies. I am not going to remain silent anymore this evidence should be seen and not buried x”

The Gallery below shows a collection of the pictures that were taken. Click the image to see in more detail!

People started to take interest in these pictures. Asking questions, such as how authentic are they, until a few key witnesses started asking the question “Why are the 2 small objects on the bottom of the picture. what was the original person actually looking at”.

Gari Jones wrote excitedly on his facebook feed,

This could be huge. THIS COULD BE OUR PYRAMID. WE NEED THE ORIGINALS THOUGH TO CONFIRM 100%One of the photos given from the person in Colwinston, SUFON gave us these before, here is an enhanced image. Look at how they match to the two primary witnesses.

It has been analysed by someone I respect, initial results strongly suggest this is NOT PIXELATION and NOT A SPOT ON LENS…THIS IS AN OBJECT BEING PHOTOGRAPHED and DISTORTING The surrounding AIR.

The image on the left is the original image supposedly taken on the 26th of February 2016. The second is the same image with the contrast and colour of the picture changed revealing the possible object and the third is a more in depth look at the object.

Click the images to enlarge


Obviously we would love to say definitively that these pictures do in fact capture the Pyramid shaped UFO of which Caz and others witnessed on the 26th of February 2016 but there is much work to be done before we can say this with conviction. Pixelization from the copying process of the originals needs to be ruled out, to make sure that the shape we are seeing is something that the original photographer was intending to capture. Yet sadly we have been denied access to these pictures because of circumstance behind the scenes.

We continue to work as a team to uncover more evidence which we will be presenting to you in time, and you will be able to find all updates either on this website or through our social media pages.

What do you think, do we have photographic evidence of the events that took place on the February 26th 2016 let us know your thoughts below. If you have any information you would like to come forward with then please do contact us confidentially through our witness submissions page

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  1. I find it absolutely mind boggling that there appears to have been some sort of “falling out” over the original photographic evidence that Swansea UFO holds. The people belonging to Swansea UFO need to put their “earthly egos” to one side and do what is best for everyone on this planet!!!! Well done Caz for having the guts to come forward and speak out. Not easy on a topic that has attracted so much scorn and ridicule over the years. What comes across is how genuine and honest you are and you’re lucky in that you have other witnesses. I liken your situation to one I found myself in just 22 months ago. Myself and my wife live in an old house converted into 5 flats. I was on speaking terms with a 45 year-old guy called Matt who lived in the attic flat as he occasionally helped me tend the communal gardens. He had a friend, who was getting divorced, who rented a room from him. Matt was alcoholic and I tried several times to persuade him to get help but his parents put him through rehab twice to no avail. Unfortunately, early November 2021 his flatmate came home from work and was met with a very foul pungent smell which he traced to Matt’s bedroom. The coroner estimated that Matt had been lying dead in his bedroom for several days!!! Moving forward 7 weeks to Xmas Eve 2021 at 3am. I was working from home during the night as I normally do (I take calls from people who “need to talk”) and was on the back doorstep (we’re ground floor) having a cigarette break studying the night sky as I always do and I can say I’ve seen a few odd things which grabbed my attention as we live within spitting distance of GCHQ.
    However, on this particular night suddenly to my right and about 6 feet away from me Matt appeared!! He was only there for about 4 seconds. I SAW him and he was wearing the same clothes I last saw him in about 2 days prior to his estimated time of death. The one anomaly was that I only ever saw him wearing glasses but he did not have glasses on. I was gob-smacked. I had never seen a “ghost” in all my 67 years not even my own parents. Of course, I wanted to tell people and so I did. His flatmate just laughed at me and said “Sorry but once you’re dead you’re dead” to which I replied “Well you’re either calling me a liar or a nutter. Thanks”. I am of sound mind and have never suffered from hallucinations or delusions. Also, I am not a liar. I KNOW what I saw but unfortunately, unlike you Caz, I did not have any other witnesses. I now firmly believe in an “afterlife” and I firmly believe your account of what you witnessed. I must say in the past I have given rather scant regard to UFO/UAP but I recently came across your very compelling account and Dave Grusch’s testimony to Congress which has made me rethink everything!!! If we survive death then anything/everything else is possible. Keep going Caz and good luck. Dan Gibbons

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