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The Pentyrch Incident 26th February 2016 

The greatest UFO cover-up of modern times.

We are pleased to announce that the PENTYRCH INCIDENT BOOK is available now from Amazon. Get your copy today by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

What happened in South Wales on the night of February 26th 2016 and why is this case the greatest UFO cover up of modern times? More importantly, why should you be interested?

This book is a must read for anyone who has even a passing interest in UFOs! It is an evidence based journey throughout the Pentyrch incident investigation and what has been uncovered.

On the night of 26th of February 2016 Caz Clarke, along with others witnessed something that would change their lives forever, several unidentified objects over the small village of Pentyrch in South Wales just north of Cardiff. Craft that would be pursued by several military aircraft leading to a huge Military presence on Llantrisant common, and an explosive event which took place in Smilog woods. (You can read an extract from the book here where Caz outlines her experience!)

Caz firmly believes that on this night, a UFO craft was shot down in Smilog woods, and the evidence is compelling. This book details not only the events of that night, but the painstaking multi year investigation including examinations of the sites by experts and the contractictory correspondence with the various authorities involved.

This book is not a story… 

Caz Clarke

The events you with read about in this book are 100% authentic and true. The purpose of the book is to inform you of the events and present the evidence of the investigation. It is our hope that this book will protect the evidence from corruption and therefore preserver the integrity of the investigation.

People have heard me talk many times regarding the evidence in this case, and the lies we have all been told by the Ministry of Defence and others.  THIS BOOK outlines in detail the evidence for YOU TO JUDGE. These are the facts and are offered in proof.  

Let this be my legacy to you all, that you might know this event happened and was real.  It is time to ask the real questions of our governments, before it is too late to correct what has been done before, the time for secrecy is over! It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of the evidence herein as it has the most profound implications for humanity, our children and our planet!

Caz Clarke

Because of the extreme sensitivity of the evidence, some of the names of the witnesses have been changed to protect their identity, and their families until such time they can/will come forward.  There will also be no physical descriptions of the witnesses involved and, in some instances, names have been redacted completely.    

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