Ever since people in the Pentyrch and Llantrisant area were rocked by the various explosions and aircraft activity on the morning of the 26th of February 2016, one narrative has seemingly taken hold in the public consciousness, surrounding the Pentyrch incident. Even being reported in local and national media. This is that the Military activity seen on the night was part of a Military exercise.

This may seem reasonable to the layman and those without experience of such matters and what the Military have to do to make such an exercise happen, especially in a densely populated area close to a general hospital.

So on the evening of March 4th 2022, Caz decided to address this directly and answer questions from the public during a Facebook live stream, providing information proving that this could not have been an exercise and that various institutions had lied or omitted key facts during correspondence through freedom of information requests. Caz also provides materials in this video of which you can use to research this for yourself.

YouTube Description

Caz Clarke in this online Facebook livestream, presented evidence of the militaries own laws, rules and guidelines and how they were not adhered to, followed by and even flat out ignored on the night of the 26th February 2016.

How can so many rules be broken, procedures ignored and laws be violated, In what is the nation’s most disciplined institution… The Military?

If indeed what happened on the night of the Pentyrch Incident was just a military exercise as some would claim, then you’d better show cause and proof to explain why their actions were justified in breaking so many rules, regulations and procedures. It’s simple, you can’t or won’t find one because this was not an exercise, it was a real life combat situation.


Training over private land (TOPL) issued by Defence Infrastructure Organisation.
Armed Forces Act 2006 Chapter 52.
ENR 5.2 Military Exercise and Training. JSP 362 Volume 2
Leaflet 6. Regularity Article RA2330-Low Flying and finally, MOD Avoidance Policy for low flying military aircraft.

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